Organic Baby Cereals


Honilac Organic Baby Cereals

As a wonderful complementary food for newborns, Honilac organic baby cereals are the perfect completion for a daily diet plan of your child. They are a definite healthy start for the infant on solid food. You can mix our baby cereals with with clean boiled water, milk, breast milk or even our infant formulas and then spoon-fed to babies. Doctors should be consulted for correct and best way of usage. Our organic baby cereals come in five different delicious tastes favored by all children.

Plain Cereals

Three Cereals
Corn Cereals
Rice Cereals
Wheat and Five Fruits
Wheat and Honey

Milk Cereals

Milk with Five Cereals
Milk with Wheat and Five Fruits
Milk with Wheat and Honey
Milk with Rice Cereals
Milk with Wheat

Organic Cereals

Five Cereals
Rice Cereals
Corn & Rice & Banana
Oat Cereals
Wheat and Apple

Honilac baby cereals are a great way to start children on an easy to eat and digest solid food.  Some recommend starting children on solid food as young as six months old. Some of our baby cereals are even suitable for babies from four months old.

Honilac baby cereals come in beautiful colorful packaging making them a great shelf item alongside Honilac’s Infant Formula.  They help develop babies into a healthy and strong life.


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