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Honilac product formula

Our extensive family of products is designed to provide the adequate and necessary nutrients to growing children.  We know how important it is for a newborn to receive a well balanced food at the early stages of life to ensure healthy and happy childhood.  We aim to provide the best nature has to offer – only second to mother’s own milk.


Infant Formula

In Three Stages

Our masterfully designed infant formula is intended for bottle feeding babies from newborns up to three years of age. This product is a great supplement to mother’s milk as well as being a great replacement in situation where breastfeed is not feasible. Honilac infant formula comes in three stages in order to meet the needs of growing children at different ages.

Baby Cereals

In fifteen Delicious Flavors

Our Honilac baby cereals come in beautifully designed boxes in seven different flavors of wholesome natural ingredients.  Our cereals are a delicious supplement to children’s normal scheduled meals and are made for ages between four months to three years. Natural ingredients used include various flavors of fruits, milk, rice, and wheat.  Contact us for more details and options.

Baby Teething Biscuits

In Three Great Flavors

Honilac Baby Teething Biscuits provide growing babies added nutrients alongside normal meals, just at the age when kids are beginning to develop their first teeth.  They are great and playful snacks that children just love.  Honilac teething biscuits come in three flavors and can be mixed with water or taken as they are by older infants.

Organic Baby Puree

In Three Delicious Flavors

HONILAC’s mildly flavored organic purees are the perfect way to introduce new tastes to babies that are just starting to try solid food. The products contain just one vegetable, and the vegetable content is around 85%. We only use strictly controlled ingredients, with no added sugar, salt or other additives. The products are gluten-free and lactose-free and do not contain egg, milk protein or soy protein. Recommended for babies from 4 months.


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Join us in our wonderful journey in providing wholesome food for all growing babies around the world.

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