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Teething Biscuits

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Baby Teething Biscuits

Honilac baby teething biscuits are a great tasting way to help teething babies cope with anxieties related to growing teeth.   They are designed to come parents rescue just at an age when the child is gumming just about anything at sight.  Our teething biscuits are a great relief as well as being a yummy snack and also a meal in-between.

Honilac baby teething biscuits can also be moistened in warm water or even milk in order to create a quick but wonderfully wholesome meal or snack that is easy to chew while providing additional nutrients when used as a supplement to normal baby food and formula.

Our teething biscuits come in three different tasty flavors:




Honilac teething biscuits are packaged in highly creative boxes that make this product a great and fast-moving shelf item.

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